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Facial Cleanser & Mask

Facial Cleanser & Mask

Facial Cleanser & Mask

A heavenly blend of our unique MW Macroalgae Extract™. Beautifully cleanses and hydrates even the driest skins, removing all traces of dirt and make-up. Also contains pure cold-pressed Mokaté oil, wild honey and marine botanicals hand-picked at low tide.

Rich in amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, our triple filtered MW Macroalgae Extract™ delivers powerful moisturizing and rejuvenating benefits. Mokaté oil, fresh pressed from Kalahari melon seeds, contains up to 70% essential fatty acids and exceptionally high levels of vitamin E. The exquisite scent is derived solely from the notes of the restorative island botanicals we use.

This dynamic formulation uses the enzymes of raw bee honey to revitalize your skin’s natural balance. The nectar is self-preserving, rich in antioxidants, and has been respected as a natural healer for thousands of years.

We are proud that Zanzibar’s industrious bee colonies are helping restore equilibrium to our island’s coastal mangroves; effectively safeguarding the future of both the island and the planet.

Volume: 200 ml/7 fl.oz

85 $


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