(Swahili)  Mwani 
(English) Seaweed


(Swahili) Mwani
(English) Seaweed

The Beauty of Seaweed

They call it the miracle of the oceans, and it’s easy to see why. As one of the earliest forms of plant life on earth, there are nine times more seaweeds in the ocean than there are plants on land. Most of the world’s oxygen comes from seaweed – making it a key asset in decarbonising the economy and fighting climate change.

Seaweeds are as diverse in their benefits and uses as any plant growing on earth. Our macroalgae are packed with phytochemicals that are excellent for the skin. Rich in exogenous amino acids and saturated with vitamins and minerals, seaweed helps to rebuild collagen, affecting not only the metabolism of the skin’s top layer (epidermis), but also penetrating the middle layer (dermis). Its hydrating nutrients, anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant powers are proven to boost restorative skincare rituals.

MW Macroalgae

Mwani Zanzibar’s unique scientifically formulated seaweed concentrate – a blend of three seaweed species indigenous to Zanzibar – forms the base of our collection. Rigorous scientific testing confirmed many benefits, for example, testing on our Face & Body Skin Superfood recorded a significant rise in cellular metabolism, showing a 68% increase in the release of adiponectin, a protein that plays a role in toning and shaping the body. We are the first and only company to bring these indigenous seaweed varieties to market. They have been registered on the global database and their extraction is patented by us.



  • Inhibits protein glycation (supporting anti-aging).
  • Stimulates fibroblast proliferation (helps collagen production).
  • Activates antioxidant activity (protects against free radicals).
  • Stimulates adiponectin release (encourages fatty acid breakdown).
  • Enhances mitochondrial activity and ATP production in muscle fibers (acts as an energy source).
  • Stimulates thermogenesis processes (reduces body fat and cellulite).
  • Increases levels of mitochondrial expression (improves fatty acid use).
  • Activates the expression of UCP1 (protects against body fat accumulation).
  • Chelates metal ions (reduces toxins in the body).
  • Promotes cellular antioxidant activity (protects against free radicals).
  • Supports nitric oxide scavenging (an anti-inflammatory process).
  • Inhibits production of the enzyme Tyrosinase (helping skin look more uniform).

Human trials:

  • Visibly sculpts body shape.
  • Visibly tightens chin and facial contours.
  • Increases skin elasticity, in both outer and deeper layers.
  • Significantly smooths out skin roughness and improves skin appearance.

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