Our gift from
the ocean


We believe the world is weary of throwaway beauty products. We want better – for ourselves, for our wellbeing, and for our planet. It’s a philosophy that runs through everything we do.

That means our ingredients are 100% natural, preferably indigenous and wild-grown so there’s no need for fertilisers, pesticides or fresh water. We work only with small, local producers, supporting women-led organisations to build their livelihoods in harmony with their surroundings. We are mobilising our supply networks to go further than just ‘doing no harm’, so they can actively protect the environment and provide solutions to the waste inherent in many beauty products. And we were one of the first beauty companies in the world to launch our collection with 100% post-consumer recycled glass bottles.

We are proud to create extraordinary beauty products that actively help regenerate the fragile world we inhabit.

The Power of our Products

MW Macroalgae Extract is a scientifically formulated multi-seaweed concentrate unique to Mwani Zanzibar. Extraordinarily rich in nutrients and phytochemical, MW Macroalgae Extract is proven to improve skin texture and firmness. It is produced through intensive eco-friendly processes rarely found in the skincare industry.
  • Small batches ensure short lead times to prevent breakdown of active ingredients.
  • Sampling, washing, transport and processing are eco-friendly and designed to preserve the integrity of active ingredients.
  • We use a highly concentrated product without solvents or fillers.
  • The specific combination of extracts from three species of seaweed ensures the best bioactive profile for skincare.
  • Locally farmed seaweed produces a very small carbon footprint.
  • Extracts are included at optimal level (each bottle holds the concentrate of 33g of seaweed).

Our Ingredients

Our products contain only the highest quality, purest indigenous ingredients. We harvest and assemble small batches by hand to create powerfully bioactive products with minimal processing. For many products, our island provides 100% of the ingredients. This means they are exceptionally fresh, with a very low carbon footprint.

All ingredients are carefully sourced to nurture and regenerate not just your skin, but biodiversity and the environment too. Bees that produce Mwani Zanzibar honey pollinate local mangrove trees, creating a lifecycle that helps fight deforestation and climate change. Women who gather our honey also wild harvest our seaweed in cycles that ebb and flow with the moon. Our Mokate oil comes from Kalahari melon seeds, an ancient crop treasured by bush tribes for its powerful effects on the skin and ability to grow in drought conditions.

We never use cheap fillers such as palm oil. Our ingredients are sourced from majority female producers whose businesses we help build. Ingredients are transported with careful consideration of the carbon footprint and, where possible, we avoid transport by engine. They are packaged carefully with containers and outer packaging that is reused throughout our supply network.

Protecting Our Resources

Every ingredient in every Mwani Zanzibar product is meticulously balanced to provide optimal uptake, absorption and interaction with your skin. Even the smallest change will lessen the quality of the product. That’s why, if an ingredient becomes unavailable, we simply wait for it to become available again. As a result, sometimes a product will temporarily be out of stock. Rest assured it will be back, as soon as nature is ready to provide.